Why the Apple-FBI Showdown Ever Took Place.

Jacob Gorshman wrote a short blog in the Wall Street Journal today, in which he discussed the recent legal showdown between Apple and the FBI arising out of the San Bernardino terrorists’ iPhone.  I hear the iPhone in question was an older model that was even less secure than the current iPhone 6s model.  In any event, after claiming the terrorists’ iPhone could not be accessed without having it’s auto delete system destroy it’s information, the FBI then miraculously found a way to “get in.”  Weird.  Why did it go public with its blame game against Apple?  Probably because it found a “good” case in which to make a case that technology security has gone too far (who can argue in favor of terrorists’ right to privacy, after all?).

I cannot believe that this entire issue could not have been worked out in private between the US Government and Apple, which has a proven track record of cooperating with the Government when asked to do so.

I think the privacy rights of citizens trumps the Government’s power to listen in.  Isn’t that one of the reasons this Country was formed over 200 years ago?  The prevention of terrorism is not going to hinge on surveillance of people; it is going to require the closing the tap of of young, deranged, mentally ill, powerless, antisocial types joining the movement.  A change of attitude is what will be required, making the terrorist group unpopular among those who would consider joining such a movement.

Cutting off the head is where to start, just as the Southern Poverty Law Center did with Richard Butler, the Aryan Nations Idaho racist.  Taking the fight to those at the top is the way to prevail.  What is your opionion?

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