Joint Ventures and Franchising

Joint Ventures and Franchising

The use of joint ventures as convenient and flexible vehicles to achieve varied business objectives is becoming increasingly common, both in the United States and internationally. Mirsepasy Law Offices is experienced in structuring these ventures and in defining the scope of the relationship and the rights and duties of the parties. Joint ventures are common in a number of industries, ranging from health care to manufacturing, construction, transportation and financial services. Many involve complex considerations of tax planning and selection of the appropriate entity, whether foreign or domestic.

Franchising is another means of sharing risk and providing rapid expansion for business enterprises. For both franchisors and franchisees, there are special risks that must be considered in the relationship, and particular state and national laws that govern the formation and operation of franchises. Mirsepasy Law Offices is familiar with these laws and experienced in handling the problems of franchisees and franchisors in a number of industries, ranging from food service to transportation and retail sales.

What Clients Say

I have complete confidence in Mr. Mirsepasy and have for almost 20 years.
— Long Term Client, Seattle, WA

If he can't do it he'll send you to a good one who can do it. How can you ask for more than that?
— Seattle Insurance Client

He is very knowledgeable and has a network of professionals that make even the most difficult problems manageable.
— CIO Partners

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